Cruising Experiences from Our Guests

Lee Kok Haur


My niece wanted to take part in the dance but was too shy, so I decided to show her how simple and fun it was. Seeing her happy, in turn, made me happy.

Leah Quibuyen


The quality of food here is astounding. I especially enjoyed the beef morbidelle with tomato sauce and green peas served with garlic mashed potato and broccoli at Fantasia restaurant.

Jackson Chua


I remember sampling a large variety of Italian cheeses and meats during my trip to Italy. Over here, whether I head to Fantasia Restaurant or Bolero Buffet for my meals, I have the same opportunity to savour the different types of cheeses and meats. It definitely brings back fond memories.

Shikata Hiroshi


We tried a few cruise ships before we tried Costa. It is different from others that Costa is cheerful and fun in a very Italian way. And Costa’s Pasta is really delicious!

Liang Chin Yoke


Everyone’s always busy, so coming on a cruise allows my family and I to bond. Watching my grand kids have fun in a swimming pool makes me happy.

Pongsavat Asavpornpradith


The best part of the trip is seeing my children laugh and have fun at the Squok Club, going on scavenger hunts and having tea parties. It makes the whole trip worthwhile.



I really enjoyed my time on board the cruise! We got to disembark in two cities, Malacca and Penang. I had a chance to explore both cities and tried their local delights. I look forward to coming back on this cruise because there were so many activities to keep me busy! It was a really good experience, and I highly recommend Costa Victoria to anyone who’s interested in going for a cruise.

Mr and Mrs. Kawamoto


We really enjoyed the activities onboard, they are so much fun and laughter! We joined all the dance classes and parties! And staff are very friendly and helpful! Two thumbs up!

Fun you’ll only find on an Italian ship

With Costa you’ll find fun activities and events for all ages from morning to night. Enjoy the charm of the cruise itself by taking time to relax in a deck chair and take in the entire ocean. Tailor make your own perfect vacation and spend it any way you please.