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19 May 2018

As the first Costa Cruises ship designed and built specifically for the Chinese market, Costa Venezia will arrive in Shanghai on 19 May 2019 -- following a 53-day voyage along the same route that explorer Marco Polo sailed in the 13th century on his epic journey from Italy to China

To further strengthen its commitment to the Chinese market, construction is also under way for Costa Venezia’s sister ship, scheduled to begin cruises in China in in 2020

Shanghai, 19 May 2018 – Costa Cruises today marked the one-year countdown until its new ship Costa Venezia arrives in China to begin serving the local market.

Named after the famous Italian city, Costa Venezia follows Costa Cruises’ popular “Italy at Sea” experience to capture the beauty, elegance and magnificence of Venice, and bring it to life for Chinese guests. As the first Costa Cruises ship designed for the Chinese market, Costa Venezia also marks a significant milestone for the company as it continues to grow its investments in China, expected to eventually become one of the world’s most popular regions for cruise holidays.

Scheduled to set sail in March 2019, Costa Venezia will arrive in China next May following a 53-day voyage that follows the same route of the explorer and writer Marco Polo. The inaugural cruise will see Costa Venezia depart from Trieste in Italy, making its way through the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and continuing with multiple stops in Southeast and East Asia, before arriving at its final home of Shanghai on 19 May 2019. Following this once-in-a lifetime journey, Costa Venezia will continue providing guests with unique cruise holidays with an authentic Italian twist throughout east Asia.

More than just a new addition to its existing China-based fleet, the Costa Venezia marks a big step for the company as its first-ever ship built specifically for the Chinese market.

Designed with the leisure and entertainment preferences of Chinese guests in mind, Costa Venezia will bring to life the passion of Venetian and Italian culture through such spectacles as the “Golden Party,” the Carnival of Venice and the city’s famed gondolas. Guests will also be able to sample the delights of fine Italian dining, luxury Italian shopping and world-class Italian entertainment while enjoying home comforts such as a range of Chinese cuisines and Chinese-style karaoke bars.

“From day one, the design and construction of Costa Venezia has been done with the Chinese consumer as our focus,” said Mario Zanetti, president of Costa Group Asia. “Chinese consumers are looking for new ways to connect with their families and loved ones on a deeper level, and we believe that Costa Venezia can deliver on this by providing them with the ultimate Italian cultural experience. Guests onboard the Venezia can also expect to see enhanced versions of its collaborations with iconic Italian brands as well as being able to enjoy China-focused services such as WeChat and Alipay payments while on board, along with dedicated apps to optimize their experience.”

The launch of Costa Venezia will mark the latest step in a long list of Costa Cruises milestones in China, which began with Costa as the first international cruise brand to begin serving the local market in 2006. Costa Venezia’s arrival in 2019 will be followed by the launch of its sister ship in 2020, which recently began the steel-cutting construction process by long-time Costa Cruises partner Fincantieri in Italy. Like Costa Venezia, when completed, the new Vista-class ship will weigh in at 135,500 tons, standing at 323 by 37 meters with a capacity of 5,260 guests. It will also follow Costa Venezia’s lead as a ship dedicated to the Chinese market, further demonstrating Costa Cruises’ commitment to the local cruise and tourism industry.

Tickets for Costa Venezia’s inaugural Marco Polo cruise are currently on sale. The cruise will set off from Trieste on 8 March 2019, on a 53-day, eastward-bound itinerary that follows in the footsteps of Marco Polo, ending in Yokohama (Tokyo), Japan on 29 April 2019. Details of how to purchase tickets for China homeport cruises will be announced within the coming days.

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