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The love for Italy golden style

Italy seems to be inseparable from the gold, known as the "Golden Palace" art vault - the Frangeti Art Museum, and the "Golden Cathedral".
Not only that, when the afterglow of the sun shines on the yellowed walls of Florence, it also reflects the golden light. Walking on the road, often blinded by this beautiful golden glow.

Golden night - Luck & Fortune

Gold, symbolizing power, wealth and good fortune. Is it true that Italians like gold or gold brings wealth, luck and good fortune to Italy? Maybe both!
Today, on the Costa Cruises, is dazzling with the embellishment of the golden party. When luck falls from the sky, everyone is likely to be lucky and wealthy.

Golden Party

• Follow the music and lights, and experience the full golden party audiovisual atmosphere.
• With Italian dancers showing up dressing in gold, everyone's mood is easily lighted up and the party starts.
• A lucky draw for every ten minutes to surprise the night. From shopping vouchers, free pizza vouchers, to ice cream vouchers, you're in for a treat!

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