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Naples, the quintessence of pizza

Italian National Treasures - Naples Pizza, known as "art in mouth", was officially selected as a non-legacy list in the United States in 2017, becoming another delicious pearl on the intangible cultural heritage of mankind. In Naples, the “Holy City” of Pisa, there is an interesting saying: “It’s better to tell her to prepare pizza tonight than to say that I love you!”.

Authentic and delicious

Want to taste the authentic Italian Neapolitan pizza? Costa Cruises invites certified Neapolitan pizza craftsman to make pizzas the traditional way.With 100% Italian D.O.P certified ingredients ranging from yeast, tomato, cheese and olive oil imported from Italy, it's sure is something to satisfy your pizza craving.

Italian D.O.P Ingredients

The supreme taste of food comes from the highest quality of ingredients used.
The authentic Neapolitan pizza uses high quality raw materials such as flour, yeast, water, salt, tomatoes, olive oil and cheese which are best obtained with the Italian D.O.P certification.
Every pizza comes from the hands of a traditional pizza master.
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