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Football at Sea

Serie A

Serie A Juventus FC was founded on November 1, 1897 and is one of the oldest football clubs in Italy and the team that won the most championships in the Italian Football League.The first club to achieve the three major cups (Champions League, Europa League and European Winners Cup) in European football and is one of the most successful clubs in Europe and the world.

Asia exclusive Juventus experience

Your fantastic football tour begins here! Not only you can experience the thrill of sailing at sea, you can also get a deeper understanding of Juventus achievements and its long history of 120 years.

Football at Sea

The 360° immersive experience set for fans makes you feel like a member of the Juventus team, experience the spirit of Juventus with “passion, happiness and cohesion”.
• Juventus Museum: The classic trophies, pennants, and photographs of the classic events from 1970 to the present and jerseys as well as the signature shoes of the star players.
• Juventus Sports Theme Bar: The theme of black and white classic color matching, taste customised drinks and sports elements specialties, full of football atmosphere, unwittingly evoke your young memories.
• Boutique Shopping Gallery: Limited edition Juventus souvenirs so you can take your beloved team home.

Juventus Training Academy

Juventus Training Academy is open to young passengers over the age of 5. A complete set of professional training courses provided, your child will be inspired by Juventus authorized football coaches to become a football talent.
The course consists of the following:
1 hour indoor training: self introduction, understanding Juventus history
1 hour outdoor training: warm-up activities + technical games + football matches
Team dinner: While enjoying authentic Italian cuisine, listen to the coach's conclusion and get your own Juventus certificate.
In addition,, children can play and interact with Juventus club mascot Jay, watch cartoons, and draw a portrait for Zebra Jay.
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