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Infinite Fiesta!

Carnival of Venice

Is one of the oldest and largest carnivals in the world today. On the occasion of the festival, the city of Venice is immersed in a cheerful atmosphere. People wear colorful masks and dress up in their Venetian costume.

Many people yearn to attend this carnival and even fly over to make a special trip to participate. On Costa Cruises , we bring the Carnival to you! The newly upgraded immersive carnival will bring you a wonderful experience like never before!

All day long

Come join us in this grand carnival invited by our entertainment team dressed in Venetian costume and mask!

A cheerful festive atmosphere

• Hand-painted a carnival mask as a commemoration.
• Visit the gorgeous Venetian costume tour!

Do it the Italian way!

• Watch the acrobatics, magic, and comic performances.
• Listen to the music by the tenor.
• Enjoy the wonderful performances lined up specially for you!

Time to party!

• Costa Cruises Carnival of Venice takes you through the time and space to experience the immersive and ultimate Italian party, embracing the joyful revelry.

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