Discover romance with

Firenze and the open sea.

Date Night at Sea

Cocktails for two at Lounge Della Moda

Spice up the journey with an Aperal Spritz at Lounge Della Moda. A cocktail and moving music is just the thing to set the mood as you drift into your evening together.

Frescobaldi Wine Cellar

Taste the romance only a renowned Italian wine maker can create. Frescobaldi Wine Cellar brings historical and authentic vineyard flavor to your lips, as you share a glass together and gaze out at the sea. Bring a bottle home to relive the love you find on Costa Firenze.

Sunset at Giardino del Fiore

Let the pastel colors of the sky serenade the two of you as the sun slowly disappears below the watery horizon, and take a lovers stroll down the galleries at Giardino del Fiore .

Della Moda Cabin

Your time alone will be beautiful among the purple and gold shades of the Della Moda Cabin. An intimate room, decorated with magical murals and soothing lighting. Gaze out at the sea hand in hand on your balcony. Packaged with VIP privileges, all add up to your exquisite Italian experience on sea.

Shore Excursions

with Your Beloved One

Go on shore with your beloved one. No travel guide is needed, just enjoy the scenic view along the journey.

Leonardo the Genius

Take in a story of romance as you’re sent back to a time of art and beauty, and relive the tale of Leonardo da Vinci together.

Excursions Alone on Shore

Run away at one of the many exotic ports the Firenze makes. No guide, no crowds, just the two of you.

Dine beneath the Stars

Dine beneath the Stars

Custom Menus by Celebrity Chefs and Exquisite Italian Delicacies

Let the world’s most romantic cuisine take your breath away. Michelin star chefs prepare special plates that bring the heart of Italy to your table for two.

The Stars Align over Dinner 

Live music, ocean air and sounds of the sea. Gaze into each other eyes over candlelight and have the most romantic dinner of your lives… the ship won’t be the only thing moving.

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