• Frequently Asked Questions

We have an international group of Costa crew members who are well-versed in many languages to assist you.

The whole fleet has satellite web connection Therefore, an array of WIFI and mobile connection plans can be purchased on board to cater to your online usage.

In order to ensure that disabled people can enjoy a wonderful cruise holiday, any information regarding special requirements must be supplied at the time of booking. Disabled person are required to travel with an accompanying person or their own wheelchair. A limited number of wheelchairs is available on our ships for any emergencies.All our ships have a number of dedicated and fully equipped cabins which are free of architectural barriers.

When you reach the port-of-call , you can choose to plan your own trip within the specified duration time or you can purchase from a list of shore excursions organized by us.The excursions are scheduled fit in with the ship's sailing times and allow you to make the most of your trip!

There are express laundry, ironing and cleaning services on board at an additional charge.

Due to safety reasons,all liquids will be confiscated as you pass through customs before boarding. However, you can purchase special wine , mineral water and drink packages once on board the ship.

Smoking is strictly forbidden in all public areas. There are areas reserved for smokers in the lounges. In order to avoid creating fire hazards, please remember to extinguish cigarettes in the ashtrays provided and never throw lit cigarette overboard.

No food and drink purchased on land may be brought aboard when boarding the ship. Any local products purchased during excursions may be handed to Costa staff for safekeeping and collected before disembarking at the end of the cruise.

Children under 18 could not travel unaccompanied onboard and babies will not be permitted to board if they are less than 6 months old on the first day of the cruise.For woman up to 24th week of their pregnancy may travel provided a Doctor's certification is made available. Passengers are not permitted to travel if they have entered 25th week of their pregnancy.Ship's facilities are limited for treating pregnant women and newborn infants.

Includes accomodation, 5 meals a day ( excluding specialty restaurants and room service ),drinks are not complimentary and has to be purchased on board ( buffet area provide drinking water dispenser),fitness and wellness classes as well as most of the entertainmnet on board. Extra charges applies to service charge, insurance, beverages,WIFI and special facilities etc.

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